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Graduates of Montessori Child Development Center make smooth transitions to other school settings. Our students also have a track record of outstanding academic and social success in upper elementary school and higher levels.


Individualized growth is encouraged through promoting academic excellence and a love for learning.

Your child will be encouraged to explore the reasons and causes and to learn about things which they cannot perceive directly. They will also investigate and research events and environments beyond the classroom walls. Team work is also promoted.

Your child will be introduced to new abstract concepts through the use of illustrative aids and hands-on tools. After being introduced to the material, the student is encouraged to work independently to master the skill before the next sequentially structured concept is introduced.

Montessori Child Development Center cares for children ages 2-9.

Enroll your child today and start maximizing their learning.


When your child successfully completes their assignment, there's an array of enrichment activities available to challenge him or her. Your child's curiosity will be satisfied along with them getting one step closer to reaching their full potential.

Helping children be successful

Learning through research and cooperation

Highly individualized learning instruction

Enrichment activities to maximize learning

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